Izabal, Guatemala
Monkey Bay Marina

Monkey Bay Marina, Río Dulce, Izabal, Guatemala

Monkey Bay Marina


Monkey Bay Marina is only accessible by water and surrounded by jungle and howler monkeys.  With no roads leading to the marina, and the absence of a restaurant and bar, the presence of strangers on our docks is avoided.  Although not accesible by land, the town of Fronteras is only 5 minutes away by dinghi.  Boat rides into town are available from the marina, and a coordinated shopping run is done every Wednesday (08:30 to 10:30), free of charge.

Our location is 15º39.954 N  88º59.494” W.  Going upriver, we are on your port side just downriver of the bridge to Peten, across the river from Catamaran Hotel.

A full-time Caretaker / Guardian lives on the property.


Our marina has withstood the test of time.  Now close to 20 years in the business, its docks are made of heavy, green-treated pilings and planks. We do maintenance on an ongoing basis, keeping the place in the best shape possible.